Jun 20, 2024 8:00 AM
Tatia Power & Rachel Cooke - Inclusee

Rachael Cook Bio

Rachael is a highly experienced, multiple award-winning, CEO and business owner, on a mission to inspire Australians to prioritise social connection as a vital health requirement.

Rachael has led major organisational transformations, cultural changes, and capability development to achieve outstanding results that have been recognised by awards such as CEO Magazine, InnovAGING, Australian Financial Review, iAwards, Qld Community Achievement Awards, and HR Australia.

Her focus on putting people first has created a culture so engaged, her team create new Christmas socks with her face on them every year to thank her for being a wonderful leader.

Tatia Power Bio 

Tatia Power is the Engagement Manager for Inclusee. With years of experience in community development and digital marketing, Tatia works with industry experts to develop strategic partnerships to expand Inclusee’s reach and ability to achieve their mission of reducing social isolation and loneliness for Australians.